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A Place You Can Trust

Owner Scott Minch has been around Ford cars and Ford parts for over 50 years and knows his blue oval!

His dad signing for a new 1968 Shelby GT350 at just 19 years old, Scott fell in love with Ford performance vehicles and his passion grew from there. Restoring countless Shelbys, Boss 302s, Boss 429s, R code Galaxies and Fairlanes and Torinos thru the years. The late model bug bit him when he was approved for a new 1993 Cobra R Mustang, 1995 Cobra R Mustang and 2000 Cobra R. Scott and his wife Anne were also owners of Kar Kraft Engineering Inc. which built many of the SAAC Mustangs and even built their own BOSS by Kar Kraft Mustangs. Branching out into after market parts for the Mustangs and F150s, Scott grew the business into a retro-fitting company for many Ford dealers across the country adding the Stallion package to Mustangs and the Thunder package for F150 trucks. As a retro-fitter company, Ford Motor Co. approved his request to purchase OEM Ford parts in bulk from the suppliers to build Cobra and Lightning kits on standard Mustangs and F150 trucks. Then in 2004, the incredible happened. The introduction of the all new Ford GT. Repairing GTs, parts and GT drive trains became the new focus and Dearborn Performance Inc. was born. We are the largest supplier of Ford GT parts in the world outside of Ford Motor Company to this day. We've built and sold several Ford GTs fro scratch beginning with just a bare chassis and made them into rollers or complete finished GTs and shipped them around the world!

So in short, we have a pretty good handle on knowing our way around Ford parts and cars.

We will only advertise what we have on the shelf. We do not play games with taking your order or credit card for back ordered or parts that have gone obsolete from the dealer.

It's been a great ride!  Thank you all!  Scott Minch

Parts Experts

We've sold Ford GT parts since the day they were available in 2004 and took advantage of a buying strategy to obtain many GT parts that are either obsolete now or on indefinite back order at Ford. Don't see what you need for your Ford GT??

Call us. If we don't have it, we probably know who does!

Fast Shipping

We know when you order a part for your car, you need it fast! Our parts are typically on their way within 1-2 business days!